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Frequently asked Questions about Executive Fitness Leaders  

Because the services we offer at EFL are so unqiue, we have many new clients who would like to know a bit more about how things work. Our services are Private, Personal, and Professional, and we love to help people feel better, look better, and be healthy. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please send us a message and we will answer your question as soon as we can.   


Do I have to purchase a large number of Personal Training sessions?

Absolutely Not!  Unlike most personal training offerings, we believe that the client should be the one in control of their financial commitment while our job is to ensure that you enjoy coming in for your workouts. This ensures that you aren’t stuck regretting a package of 50 -100 pre purchased sessions like you would be at other facilities. You can pay session by session or in small groups.


Do I have to commit to a Personal Training contract?

Absolutely Not!  With busy schedules, family obligations and vacations, issues pop up that may interfere with your perfect workout schedule. Our scheduling allows you flexibility to adjust based on your availability without penalizing you.


Do I have to purchase a membership?

Absolutely Not!  Our personal training services do not require any type of a membership. Simply book an appointment and you are ready to get started. No fees, no extra paperwork, and no hidden costs.



Is the Personal Training done in Private studios?

Absolutely!  One of the biggest reasons we have clients who have been with us for 10+ years is the privacy that our training sessions offer. You can choose your music, speak freely, and enjoy not being stared at like a fish in an aquarium. 


Are showers, towels, and day use lockers included?

Absolutely!  We take great pride in our shower and change facilities. Unfortunately the accepted norm at fitness faculties has been that you would not want to shower on site.  We often hear comments that our bathrooms are nicer than home, and with towels, toiletries, and lockers included, you can be in and out and ready for your next endeavor.   


I already have a gym membership, how can EFL help me with my results?

We have many clients who have memberships or access to other facilities who make use of our personal training services. We can ensure a fantastic workout each time you come in, and as a personal training client, your trainer will design and plan your additional workouts for the week to ensure great results.  Wouldn’t you rather have a customized workout plan just for you?


Will EFL help me select a trainer that fits my schedule?

Absolutely!  We have 2 shifts of trainers with sessions starting as early as 6:00am and as late as 7:30pm. We even have clients whose schedules vary so much from day to day that they come in for an early morning session at the start of the week and an evening session later in the week. We will find a solution that works for you.


How many locations are there in Ottawa?

We have 3 locations in Ottawa. Each location is equipped with private studios, fantastic shower facilities, and professional trainers who are ready to help you reach and exceed your goals.


Can EFL help me with my nutrition?

Absolutely!  All of our trainers know how important eating habits are for maintaining a healthy body weight and reaching a healthy body composition. They are all experienced and we also have a Registered Nutritionist on staff that will personally help you achieve your goals and help to simplify the process. 


Are the Massage Therapists Registered?

Absolutely!  All of our Massage Therapists are registered. If you have extended health benefits you will be able to claim back whatever amount you are entitled to through your insurance company. Contact us and get booked in. 

Are you Ready to get started and make a change in your life?

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