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Eat smarter. It is simple when you have a plan!

At EFL, our nutritional counselling services are designed to demystify the whole process of figuring out what, when and how much to eat. We understand the chemistry, physics and psychology of food intake, and can help you make simple yet profound changes to kick your metabolism into higher gear, restore your energy levels, improve the quality of your complexion and even make your sleep more restful.

We’ll help you track your intake over time, and then analyze the patterns in your diet, suggesting where different food choices might realize early benefits. We’ll teach you new ways of looking at your daily eating routines and give you tips on pre- and post-workout nutrition that will complement your physical training.

Offered in combination with our one-on-one training programs, our nutritional counselling service is also available separately to clients who would like to gain important insights into the relative merit of their diets.

Nutrition Services

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